DCIM Software Management

Complexities such as energy efficiency, virtualization and integration of systems cause organizations to look for intelligent infrastructure management systems.


The increasing trend world-wide for outsourcing data center space to multi-tenant data centers, has resulted in high growth rates within multi-tenant data center space across the globe and a current situation where demand outpaces supply.
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With energy management being a key consideration for data centers, the need for integration between intelligent physical infrastructure management and existing enterprise management systems portraying the full usage of power is intensifying.
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Resource Balancing

Research shows most data center operators are unaward of the loading and current power and cooling capability of their data center, which can cause downtime from overloads, overheating, and loss of redundancy.
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Visibility and Transparency

A fundamental requirement of any modern data center is visibility and transparency into the complete inventory. This facilitates quick resolution for identifying & solving any problem occurring in the data center.
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Virtualization can result in increased rack density, but it also introduces issues that go beyond high density alone and which must be considered in power and cooling systems supporting a virtualized environment.
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Energy Efficiency

Increasing energy costs in data centers is a growing concern, with data centers accounting for 1.5-2% of the national electricity usage in the US and most European countries (Source: Gartner). Small reductions will have noticeable impact on global energy spend.
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