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Energy Efficiency

Increasing energy costs in data centers is a growing concern, with data centers accounting for 1.5-2% of the national electricity usage in the US and most European countries (Source: Gartner). Small reductions will have noticeable impact on global energy spend.energy efficiency video
Struxureware for Data Centers Energy Efficiency

Increasing energy costs

The rising world market energy costs have a profound impact on energy usage in companies as a whole, as most organizations rely on information technology to support and drive their business activities, thus depending on data centers to support them. As a result a green wave has hit the data center industry, and many organizations now focus on their carbon footprint, Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and costs associated with rising energy costs. Initiatives are implemented both in the US and Europe through the Green Grid, the US EPA Energy Star program and the UK???s Carbon Reduction Commitment amongst others, which are likely to lead to government regulation in the near future.

The Schneider Electric solution

APC by Schneider Electric???s Operations Energy Efficiency provides customers with detailed insights into the energy usage of their data centers and supporting facilities. Based on intelligent modeling of the electrical and mechanical topology, the flow and usage of energy through subsystems is analyzed and presented on web-based dashboards. The product enables data center managers to provide a high level overview of energy usage and costs back to the organization as well as deep insight into where each kW is spent. Up until now, Energy Efficiency has been focused on just identifying PUE - the next step is to understand how to improve the PUE, while at the same time improving the cost of running the data center.

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