With energy management being a key consideration for data centers, the need for integration between intelligent physical infrastructure management and existing enterprise management systems portraying the full usage of power is intensifying.virtualization video
Struxureware for Data Centers Solutions for the Microsoft

Integrating with other systems through APIs and Web Services

Most IT organizations have already invested in a number of tools to support their systems independently, including enterprise management systems (EMS) used by the IT department and building management systems (BMS) used by the facilities organization. A third, emerging type of management system is the data center infrastructure management (DCIM™) system, marking the convergence of traditional facility responsibility with that of the IT department, and normally used by the data center operator. For the first time in the history of the IT industry, the availability of physical infrastructure is often the limiting factor in the deployment of new, denser technologies. The interactions between the IT loads, power, cooling and physical space are simply too complex for traditional data center monitoring and operations processes. This drives a need for integrating information between the three systems to compile intelligent and comprehensive DCIM systems, offering greater oversight and more efficient use of available energy.

The Schneider Electric solution

Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Web Services are an integral part of Schneider Electric???s data center management software, and new integrations are constantly added, to ensure a management system which can easily be integrated with existing systems. The integrations currently include: Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager, Microsoft Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager, Microsoft Essentials, VMware vSphere, IBM Tivoli, IBM Active Energy Manager, BMC Remedy, HP OpenView, Cisco EnergyWise, TAC Andover Continuum, TAC Vista & PowerLogic ION Enterprise. Integrating the different energy management systems provides data center operators with critical information to design, operate, and monitor their physical infrastructure.

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