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Resource Balancing

Research shows most data center operators are unaware of the loading and current power and cooling capability of their data center, which can cause downtime from overloads, overheating, and loss of redundancy.resource video
Struxureware for Data Centers Optimization and Utilization

Balancing supply & demand

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) defines capacity management as the discipline that ensures infrastructure is provided at the right time in the right volume at the right price, and that it is used in the most efficient manner. The critical success factors are:
  • Providing accurate capacity forecasts
  • Providing appropriate capacity to meet business needs
This involves input from many areas of the business to identify what IT systems are (or will be) required, what power and cooling infrastructure is required to support these IT loads, what level of contingency will be needed, and what the cost of this infrastructure will be.

The Schneider Electric solution

Data center operators typically do not have the information they need to effectively deploy new equipment at the rate required by the business, and are unable to answer simple questions relating to the power and cooling capabilities at a specific rack, such as: - Where in my data center should I deploy the next server so I don???t impact the availability of existing equipment? - Can I deploy new hardware technology, such as blade servers, using my existing power and cooling infrastructure? - When will I reach the limits of my current power and cooling infrastructure and require additional capacity? Schneider Electric???s Operations Capacity provides the visibility to the current capacities of the data center, and enables data center operators to analyze and plan ahead for future capacity needs. By right-sizing the required capacity to fit the current demand it is possible to avoid stranded capacity, reduce waste and increase overall efficiency of the data center.

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