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Visibility and Transparency

A fundamental requirement of any modern data center is visibility and transparency into the complete inventory. This facilitates quick resolution for identifying & solving any problem occurring in the data center.visibility video
Struxureware for Data Centers Documentation and Inventory

Knowing where your equipment is placed

As data centers get larger and more complex, the task of finding a particular device or server tends to get more complicated and time consuming for the data center manager. This causes higher mean time to repair and less than optimal use of resources. Knowing who put the server there - and when - puts you in control when you need to know which server installation caused that hot spot to appear. Until recently, data center inventory and documentation would be managed in spreadsheets or home-grown databases that were often hard to maintain. These manual methods provided little or no version control and often did not reflect the actual inventory. With the introduction of business regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, data centers are now required to be in compliance with the documentation and audit requirements of these regulations. Failing to comply on a data center level now puts constraints on the rest of the business.

The Schneider Electric solution

Schneider Electric offers a suite of data center management products to take care of your data center documentation needs. The StruxureWare Operations Suite allows for registration of all data center assets, from the switchgear, through UPS, distribution and servers to network cables - including additional asset information according to your needs. The data can be viewed in a number of ways including: through a floor layout, a rack layout, an organization wide search, a hierarchical structure browse or an inventory information export. When adding the capabilities of StruxureWare Operations: Change, all the moves, adds and change activities are structured through workflows. Every action is documented and time stamped, and can be retrieved on a server, rack, room or building level through a standard report. All your moves, adds and changes can even be updated while on the go through the StruxureWare Operations: Mobile.

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