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A modular, adaptable, ???on-demand??? solution for small-medium data centers. InfraStruxure can adapt to your changing business needs, whether you are deploying a data center in its entirety or incrementally.

Small Data Center

Medium Data Center


  • 25% increase in power and cooling capacity, 15% smaller footprint
  • Scalable design to go as big as you want to go
  • Automated planning and design tools with open & integrated management and operations software


  • 20 - 200kW of UPS powerd
  • Fast and easy to configure and deploy
  • Right-size the design to your exact requirements
  • predictable
  • 21 - 999kW of UPS power
  • Dramatically reduce time and complexity from concept and design through installation
  • Complete and integrated solution of power, cooling, racks, security, and management components are tested and applied for a best-in-class management software platform
  • Go fast, dense, and green while ensuring critical availability targets are met

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