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Prefabricated vs. Traditional Data Center

Test out your data center and calculate the 10 year lease cost of a prefabricated data center vs. the traditional environtment

Prefabricated Data Center

  • More scalable and adaptable data center physical infrastructure that enables you to closely match business needs with your IT capabilities
  • Internal hardware modularity, IT Pod and facility modularity
  • Reduced total data center lifecycle cost up to 13% and 30% of DCPI cost over 10 years

How Schneider Electric can help

  • Right-size to you current busniess requirements for minimum operating expnses and highest efficiency
  • Integrated data center solutions in the IT room and the facility that are the fastest and easiest to plan and deploy
  • Standardized, scalable architechture o allow for easy "step and repeat" growth as the business demand changes
  • Dedicated Pod architecture that can serve as isolated private clouds or extend the life of an enterprise data center
  • Largest supply of in-stock modular solutions with global presence and supply chain for the fastest and most reliable delivery

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