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Extend Your Capabilities with Powerful Software

Simplify and automate your everyday work, better manage your information, improve document security, enable easy scanning, and get the most out of your Xerox® hardware investment. We offer a range of software solutions to meet the needs of your business or workgroup.

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Mobile Printing

Together with Xerox, we offer a suite of powerful and flexible mobile print solutions that are IT friendly so they???re easy for your organization to adopt. Xerox® solutions support printing to nearly any printer brand or model, with robust authentication, accounting and security.

Whether you need to print from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, inside or outside your firewall, together with Xerox, we offer a solution that???s simple, convenient and secure.
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  • Xerox Mobile Link App
    Xerox® Mobile Link is a mobile app that can scan, fax and print from your phone or tablet by connecting with Xerox® multifunction printers (MFPs). It is also able to send data to cloud storage and print data from cloud storage.
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  • Xerox® Mobile Print Cloud
    A cloud-based solution that offloads hosting and maintenance responsibilities to Xerox.
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    Free trial when you create an account. See what the Xerox® Mobile Print Solution can do for your business with a fully functional, 15-day/30-job trial version.
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  • Xerox® Mobile Print Solution
    Server-based software for workgroups who prefer the control an on-site solution provides.
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  • Xerox® Mobile Express Driver®
    A free print driver that enables you to print in any new location you visit, from your laptop computer. It???s a single, universal printer driver you can download to your PC and print to virtually any PostScript device on your network, including printers made by other manufacturers
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Device Management

Monitor and manage all your printers and MFPs remotely and proactively from your desktop. You'll free IT resources for more important tasks and increase productivity with improved device uptime, supplies management, centralized setting, software updates and user-friendly connectivity.
  • Xerox® CentreWare® Web
    This free web-based software tool simplifies printer administration, installation, configuration, management, monitoring and reporting on networked printers and multifunction printers, regardless of manufacturer.

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Document Scanning and Management

Tap into the computing power of your Xerox® multifunction printer to share, archive, retrieve and serve up information-comprehensive, secure management of the digital assets critical to your business.
  • Scan to PC Desktop®
    Convert hard copy documents and PDF files into fully editable digital file formats, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, JPG, TIF, etc. SE version included with select Xerox® multifunction devices. Professional version optional.

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Accounting, Access Control and Authentication

We can provide you with Xerox® solutions that help you get all the productivity built into your Xerox® multifunction devices while regulating use and protecting confidential information.
  • Xerox® Standard Accounting
    You can network your Xerox® multifunction devices and boost productivity while controlling access and maintaining security. How? With built-in Xerox® Standard Accounting.

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