Electronics Recycling Dropoff or Pickup

As a service to our current customers, we will take any of your computer electronics waste at our office at Westbrook Professional Center and dispose of this waste with a professional and reputable eCycling company.  If you are a customer of record, you can just drop off your eWaste for no charge or we can come pick it up for a small fee.  Of course, if we are at your location to assist you with your existing IT equipment and you have old computer electronics to dispose of at that time, we can take it then and any charges will be waived. Please let us know ahead of time if you have a large number of items so we can be prepared, whether you're dropping them off or we are picking them up. See below a list of electronics we can dispose of for you, then call or email us, or use the form below.

We Will Help You Dispose of the Following eWaste Items:
  • add-on cards
  • battery backups
  • blue-ray drives
  • cables & cords
  • calculators
  • CD-ROM drives
  • cell phones
  • cell phone batteries
  • chargers
  • computers
  • computer cases
  • circuit boards
  • CPUs
  • DVD ROM drives
  • hard drives
  • hubs
  • keyboards
  • laptops
  • LCD monitors
  • mice
  • modems
  • motherboards
  • nickel cad batteries
  • NMH batteries
  • netbooks
  • power supplies
  • printers
  • RAM (memory)
  • routers
  • scanners
  • servers
  • switches
  • tablets
  • telephones
  • TVs
  • VCRs

Definition of Computer Equipment
Per the North Carolina Electronics Management Program: "Any desktop computer, notebook computer, monitor or video display unit for a computer system, and the keyboard, mice, other peripheral equipment, and a printing device such as a printer, a scanner, a combination print-scanner-fax machine, or other device designed to produce hard paper copies from a computer. Computer equipment does not include an automated typewriter, professional workstation, server, ICI device, ICI system, mobile telephone, portable handheld calculator, portable digital assistant (PDA), MP3 player, or other similar device; an automobile; a television; a household appliance; a large piece of commercial or industrial equipment, such as commercial medical equipment, that contains a cathode ray tube, a cathode ray tube device, a flat panel display, or similar video display device that is contained within, and is not separate from, the larger piece of equipment, or other medical devices as that term is defined under the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act."
North Carolina General Statutes
"N.C. General Statutes 130A-309.130 through 130A-309.141 "Discarded Computer Equipment and Television Management" establishes an electronics recycling program for the State of North Carolina with shared responsibility between computer manufacturers, television manufacturers, retailers, local and state government, and consumers with the general goal of fostering a statewide recycling infrastructure for these materials. In conjunction with this program, the law bans televisions, computers, monitors, printers, scanners, and computer peripherals such as keyboards and mice from disposal in landfills."
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